Does it get any better...?

Ok. So, does it ever get any better. Does *time* make it better?

Tuesday my son was hurt during a football game. He got the injury and kept trying to play, so three plays later he comes out. He's got a slight nose bleed, is coughing/spitting alot..he's been injured in the ribs.

So -- coaches tell us we need to go ahead and take him to the ER. One scared mama. I'm driving the school bus, so *I* can't leave. This freaking sucks. So, hubby heads in. This is not good, because hubby has to get up the next morning at 2:30 to go to work. It's eight pm already, he should already be crawling into bed. UGH.

So, Correy feels bad enough for the principal to take him to go ahead and meet dad. Dad meets them at one hospital and decides he's going to take him to the Children's hospital. They get there and dad calls. OMG, there's a TON of people here. Everybody is wearing masks..there's border patrol running around.

Well, hubby makes a phone call. He's a major volunteer for the hospital. This has to be a plus. So, he shows his badge, and due to the injury and his status, they get him in to the back quick. Well, an hour and a half later, they are still where they were. Hubby tells the nurses -- If this is how ya'll treat a rush situation, I'd hate to see how you treat a non emergency situation. Nurse tells him she'll be right back. Hubby tells another nurse -- we are leaving.

So, they go to the hospital he was originally at. I finally get there at like ten fourty five. Hubby goes home to go to sleep. Mom and Correy sit there. Finally -- one fourty five we are taken back -- at around two fifteen they come get Correy for x-rays. Doc calls me -- XRays are fine -- nothing broke, just bruised ribs. They gave instructions to us on his injury. Key phrase -- if you have any problems, swelling, fever, etc. get him back or to the doctors.

Soooooo....Wednesday -- I let everyone sleep in. Finally about eleven wake them up. Eight hours of sleep -- enough to get through the day. Take oldest to school -- come home -- try to nap. I didn't go to work this day.

Well, later in the evening the fever erupts. Great! 101.7. Sheesh -- can it get any worse. So, I watch him all evening. Thursday morning I get up and call the docs. I have an appt. for two pm.

We go. Flu. Damn. This is just great. They sent the test off to be analyzed or whatever they do to it to see if it's the freaking swine flu. He's out of school for five days. To make matters worse his breathing is labored a bit -- Doc say's..he has asthma. Has he ever had it before? Yes, but he grew out of it. Well, it's back. Allergies? yes. Seasonal. Yep, that makes his asthma worse.
So, his risk factor with the flu just went up 50%. Great. Just what the poor kid needs.

So, now he's home with a small amount of meds. Fever breaks for a while during the day but then comes back full force. Is it ever going to just go away?

We have another appointment on Monday with the doctors office. Guess we'll find out more then.

So -- does it ever get any better?



I hate house cleaning! Why is it that us women always end up the ones who do ninety percent of the cleaning? My husband tries to throw that whole "I work all day long..." trip, but you know what, so do I..sometimes two jobs..no, my bus driving job is not easy. Traffic, screaming kids, kids testing you, weather..it's not hard, but it's not always peaches and cream either. Then, if I sub on specific days, I am up and working from five until five in the afternoon..then I still have to come home, deal with the animals, walk the dog -- because no one else will, cook dinner, put up dinner, dishes, and instruct the kids to do whatever it is they need to do. Why do they insist on having to have ME to instruct them at this age?! And hubby cannot use this crap as an excuse..

I do want to add that I don't always complain, just when I have to do serious cleaning. ;( One of the kids helps, but the other is off doing something or other and it's left to me and one kid who half-ass's everything.

cleaning..i hate it.


Aaahh...Saturday Evening...

Aaahhh..Today was wonderful. My sister, her husband and two of her three kids came over to eat bbq. She pitched in meat (yummy pork ribs and ranch style beans), and we had chicken, broccoli w/ butter n cheese sauce, potato salad, so it was a meal to be enjoyed and savored. The only drawback was the mosquito's. :(

I love my family....



My oldest is driving me crazy!! Actually, both of them are driving me crazy. And they wonder why I make them do thier own laundry -- it's so their clothes don't ge mixed up and there isn't any fighting like what's going on now!!! UGH.

On another note, I'm pooped and fixing to get onto the oldest. I don't mind him checking facebook, but he's going to learn that there's a time and a place..I didn't mind the initial check, but it's WAY past bedtime now. Gotta go set him straight.

Then, shower & bed for me.



Ok, so my husband wakes up this morning and on go all the lights. UGH! Hello?? I'm still asleep..in bed..trying to sleep...sheesh.

So, it seems like he has no care in the world that he has all the lights on, left my door open to lose my bedroom a.c. (we like it suuuuper cold when we sleep) and well, that I'm wide awake now. Grrr!

Ok, so I'm on a men rampage..check this link out:
Stranger Slapped Screaming Child in Georgia Wal-Mart, Police Say

hopefully it will come through for you! I cannot believe the gall of this man. I don't care who he is or how old he is, I hope he gets more than just a slap on the wrist for this. How dare he think he can slap someone else's child. UGH. I know age has alot to do with it..in his age people could give advice to others without it being considered rude or impropper, but come the freak on...geeze..to slap someone else's child..I'd have freaking gone on a haywire with the man had it been my child.

Just thought I'd give some food for the day....


Is it THAT time...again??

Ok, get your mind out of the gutter. Is it time for bet, yet?

Shame shame shame..what some people make out of a few little words and the way they are said..LOL.


Yes, it's time for bed. I did two extra bus routes today, plus had a safety meeting. The head boss came in today. Interesting. We've never been told (as a whole -- and by one person) how important we are.

So, my boys went to bed today...thirty minutes later than I wanted them to.
Tomorrow is undecided.
This weekend is up in "arms."

Decisions decisions decisions.



Aaahhhhhh! Teenagers! Why do teenagers know it all? Why do they act like they have it all? UGH! Then, when they do something wrong and you punish them, it's all your fault. What's up with that?? What makes the world go round in a teenagers eye?

Tonight my youngest son was told at 7:30 to shower, do his chores and eat. (Dinner was potluck) So, here it is, I'm back from picking up the oldest (who's brain thinks he's got to be sick ) from band practice, and he just barely got out of the shower. So, I took away one hour of his two on the internet tomorrow and it's all my fault. What?! Oh well. He'll have to suffer.

Needless to say, both boys are on thier way to bed, one with thera-flu shoved down his throat and totally pissed at me because I made him take it, the other totally pissed at me because he lost internet priveledges tomorrow. UGH!

Not to mention they are totally pissed because they have an "early" bedtime. But, oh well, you pay the time for doing the crime. If they would wake up when they were supposed to, without hassles, I might let them stay up later, but they don't and won't, so that's thier problems.

Don't get me wrong. I love my boys. They are good kids..but, tonight I'm totally ticked at them!

Talk soon.


Running Crazy

I feel like I'm running crazy -- not knowing which way to go, how to help one person and yet help the others at the same time -- not knowing how to tell people know because my heart is so soft it wants to help everyone.

I feel like I'm running crazy -- not knowing how to leave the puppy on the side of the road yet knowing it will die if I don't help it -- not knowing how to find them homes because of the economy.

I feel like I'm running crazy -- not knowing how to help my family with the income any more than I already do -- not knowing how to get these last classes done and over to get a better job yet not knowing what to do because I want to go further and improve myself and my family even more -- knowing that I can, but not wanting to cause a stir...

I wish I didn't feel like I was running crazy...