Aaahhhhhh! Teenagers! Why do teenagers know it all? Why do they act like they have it all? UGH! Then, when they do something wrong and you punish them, it's all your fault. What's up with that?? What makes the world go round in a teenagers eye?

Tonight my youngest son was told at 7:30 to shower, do his chores and eat. (Dinner was potluck) So, here it is, I'm back from picking up the oldest (who's brain thinks he's got to be sick ) from band practice, and he just barely got out of the shower. So, I took away one hour of his two on the internet tomorrow and it's all my fault. What?! Oh well. He'll have to suffer.

Needless to say, both boys are on thier way to bed, one with thera-flu shoved down his throat and totally pissed at me because I made him take it, the other totally pissed at me because he lost internet priveledges tomorrow. UGH!

Not to mention they are totally pissed because they have an "early" bedtime. But, oh well, you pay the time for doing the crime. If they would wake up when they were supposed to, without hassles, I might let them stay up later, but they don't and won't, so that's thier problems.

Don't get me wrong. I love my boys. They are good kids..but, tonight I'm totally ticked at them!

Talk soon.

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