Mail of stuff recieved, stuff sent, etc. Whatever I need to utilize this li'l page for. I think it's a good journal type page for those things. :)

For instance, I have some swaps coming up, I'm going to list them below. When I send I'll post a new post that it's been sent, and pictures if I need to. 
Swap Deadline: March 13
Send Deadline: April 1
(This is completely ready, just awaiting partners to be assigned...)

Craft Questionaire
Swap Deadline: March 18
Send Deadline: April 2
(Working on this from scratch)

Random Questions # 3 Snail Mail Version
Swap Deadline: March 25
Send Deadline: April 15
(Working on answering these -- writing everything by hand...)

The Shared Journal Experiment # 2
Swap Deadline: March 16
Send Deadline: April 16
(I'm new to this one, so I have to start in the # 1 position...)

All About You Journal--USA Only **Edited**
Swap Deadline: April 7
Send Deadline: June 7
(25 pages from scratch..working on it slowly...)

Mail I have to return (Letters):
Kate Conway
June Roberts
June Calender

Will have these three out within the next couple of days.
I still have two soldiers letters to send out, plus care packages for both, and also a few other pen pals to jot notes too.

If you want me to send a letter to you, please leave me an address. I love to pen pal. Just keep in mind that my life is super busy and alot of times I type my letters. If you want a hand written letter, that's fine, but please understand it takes quite a while longer to recieve letters back from me.

Have to get going, will post soon!