Does it get any better...?

Ok. So, does it ever get any better. Does *time* make it better?

Tuesday my son was hurt during a football game. He got the injury and kept trying to play, so three plays later he comes out. He's got a slight nose bleed, is coughing/spitting alot..he's been injured in the ribs.

So -- coaches tell us we need to go ahead and take him to the ER. One scared mama. I'm driving the school bus, so *I* can't leave. This freaking sucks. So, hubby heads in. This is not good, because hubby has to get up the next morning at 2:30 to go to work. It's eight pm already, he should already be crawling into bed. UGH.

So, Correy feels bad enough for the principal to take him to go ahead and meet dad. Dad meets them at one hospital and decides he's going to take him to the Children's hospital. They get there and dad calls. OMG, there's a TON of people here. Everybody is wearing masks..there's border patrol running around.

Well, hubby makes a phone call. He's a major volunteer for the hospital. This has to be a plus. So, he shows his badge, and due to the injury and his status, they get him in to the back quick. Well, an hour and a half later, they are still where they were. Hubby tells the nurses -- If this is how ya'll treat a rush situation, I'd hate to see how you treat a non emergency situation. Nurse tells him she'll be right back. Hubby tells another nurse -- we are leaving.

So, they go to the hospital he was originally at. I finally get there at like ten fourty five. Hubby goes home to go to sleep. Mom and Correy sit there. Finally -- one fourty five we are taken back -- at around two fifteen they come get Correy for x-rays. Doc calls me -- XRays are fine -- nothing broke, just bruised ribs. They gave instructions to us on his injury. Key phrase -- if you have any problems, swelling, fever, etc. get him back or to the doctors.

Soooooo....Wednesday -- I let everyone sleep in. Finally about eleven wake them up. Eight hours of sleep -- enough to get through the day. Take oldest to school -- come home -- try to nap. I didn't go to work this day.

Well, later in the evening the fever erupts. Great! 101.7. Sheesh -- can it get any worse. So, I watch him all evening. Thursday morning I get up and call the docs. I have an appt. for two pm.

We go. Flu. Damn. This is just great. They sent the test off to be analyzed or whatever they do to it to see if it's the freaking swine flu. He's out of school for five days. To make matters worse his breathing is labored a bit -- Doc say's..he has asthma. Has he ever had it before? Yes, but he grew out of it. Well, it's back. Allergies? yes. Seasonal. Yep, that makes his asthma worse.
So, his risk factor with the flu just went up 50%. Great. Just what the poor kid needs.

So, now he's home with a small amount of meds. Fever breaks for a while during the day but then comes back full force. Is it ever going to just go away?

We have another appointment on Monday with the doctors office. Guess we'll find out more then.

So -- does it ever get any better?

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