Ok, so my husband wakes up this morning and on go all the lights. UGH! Hello?? I'm still asleep..in bed..trying to sleep...sheesh.

So, it seems like he has no care in the world that he has all the lights on, left my door open to lose my bedroom a.c. (we like it suuuuper cold when we sleep) and well, that I'm wide awake now. Grrr!

Ok, so I'm on a men rampage..check this link out:
Stranger Slapped Screaming Child in Georgia Wal-Mart, Police Say

hopefully it will come through for you! I cannot believe the gall of this man. I don't care who he is or how old he is, I hope he gets more than just a slap on the wrist for this. How dare he think he can slap someone else's child. UGH. I know age has alot to do with it..in his age people could give advice to others without it being considered rude or impropper, but come the freak on...geeze..to slap someone else's child..I'd have freaking gone on a haywire with the man had it been my child.

Just thought I'd give some food for the day....

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