I was so excited. LOL! I had lost my digital camera (Sony Cybershot) battery charger. I was so frustrated and was fixing to go online to Sony to order one. I found it Sunday when I was cleaning right before the game.

Then, I was frustrated and ticked off. LOL..two totally different dimensions of life. Go figure. I was all excited about preparing to watch the game, etc. Then I found out that only FOX was playing it on television. ooh my goodness!!

So, the fix? I have DirecTV being installed soon. LOL. Fix THAT!


  1. Where was the battery charger hiding? I can't find mine, it has been missing for months. Really aggravting because I DON'T lose things.

    swapbot - stampkrl

  2. I am always loosing my charger! Good news about getting better telly! Enjoying your blog :)

  3. I know what you mean about buying something when you think you've lost the firt one... then it appears to torture you.