I just learned two things. I'm SO excited! I just learned that if I type my WHOLE blog url into the website here at school it will take me to my site. Otherwise, blogspot is blocked by admin. I really don't know why, but it is. It doesn't give an "explanation" so to say.

So, this gives me a whole lot to think about. I have 35 minutes every day I can get on here and post. It's my "Free" time here at the school. The only time during the day we can do personal stuff if needed. Mine isn't needed, but Oooh, I can get those cruise entries from 2009 done, finally!

So, what I'm thinking is at night I'll compose the entry by hand and the next day I'll type in what I need typed in. I can also add in some posts with pictures and then update the pictures in blogs the next day.


Ok, also, I just learned about the "pages". I LOVE that. I can create up to ten pages..like an "about me" page. I'm thinking a cruise page is needed and maybe even a scrapbooking page where I can post my digital scrapbook stuff and my real life scrapbook stuff. Might work, eh? What do you think?

See ya in the blogs tomorrow...and the next day...and the next...

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