Ice, Ice and more Ice...

So, we are in South Texas. We very very rarely get snow, much less -- ice! We were invaded with ice yesterday evening and up until noonish today. It was crazy. There was about a half an inch on EVERYTHING!!  We were "ice skating" on the front porch..it was commical. My oldest son almost slid off the porch even after me warning him. It was hillarious!!! Pics posted. I have to get back to typing after I feed my horses and finish dinner. More later!

the ice on one of my tree's...

across the span of my front yard...

right next door where the unmowed grass/brush is...

hubby's amatuer radio antanae's on his truck..LOL..you can even see some ice on his truck.


  1. Hello! Im commenting from the follow my blog swap over on swap bot. Username: Amikins. Your one of my assigned partners. I am from up in New England, and with all the snow we have its nice to see some generally warmer states having to deal with the cold frozen stuff, we have 4 feet of snow covering everything and ice all over the place. Its really pretty when the ice covers trees is it not? i hope none of your tree limbs break though. That happens up here a lot when the trees really get weighed down with ice and snow. Today my father is at work helping shovel off the roof so it wont cave in from the weight of the snow! which has been happening a lot this year. I hope you and your family are free of winter weather accidents. Have fun Blog swapping! I am adding myself as a private follower.

  2. This is beth619 popping in from SwapBot.
    WOW --looks like y'all are getting some crazy winter weather! It's been bad here in Alabama, too, but not quite THAT bad! :) We've had some random snowfall and a few icy days. Hopefully it will not be as bad next week as they are predicting! STAY WARM! :)

  3. You are making me wonder why someone has antanae's on his car? :-D


  4. Thanks for following me. I'm following you back.
    Love your photos
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  5. Hey! this is Miissc from swap-bot for the follow my blog swap! I am happy to be following you now! Excited to see the other photos you take

  6. Hi! This is Brittani (MsBunni) from Swapbot stopping by to check out your blog. I am a TX girl myself (I now live in GA though) all the family is in DFW area and they really got blasted with the snow and ice this week! Sorry to hear about your furbabies that were lost this year. I too have a bossy little Doxie and I can't imagine losing him! Thanks for sharing your blog!

  7. Yes, we have this ice everywhere too (but I guess it's more usual in Indiana than in South Texas !)
    I slid this morning, when I went to get the mail, and according to my daughter, I made a kind of "very artistic skating figure", sliding while waving !

    (Happy Flo, swap-bot partner)

  8. Oh i love pictures of icy things!! I love winter! Though the rain isnt so good, but pretty ice is wonderful and sparkly!! Ichigoshortcake from sb! x

  9. I love your pics at the top of the blog. Beautiful. Your stories are great that you have written in your blog too. I'm so sorry about your beloved fur babies. I can't imagine what you must have gone through.
    My name is Karen (leahrosesmom)and I'm from Swap-bot.com.

  10. man it seems like everyone, no matter where they live, is having some sort of weirdo winter in terms of weather. i am in new york city, and i swear for the last month it was one storm after another.

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  12. Look at all the ice! That's one of the things I dread - even here in Minnesota where we get snow and ice regularly. Although it is pretty when the sun shines on it, it is perhaps the scariest time to drive.

    Ann (freespirit66)

  13. Wow, amazing ice pictures. Living in Michigan this is normal several months of the year!

  14. Hi Shawna!

    Wow, that unmowed grass picture is so amazing. I love that stormy look. We get lots of ice here in southern MO so I feel your pain! I'm now one of your followers!

    Becca (BPositive) from swap-bot

  15. The ice is pretty but I sure wouldn't want to live with it. It sure has been one crazy winter.

    swapbot - stampkrl

  16. You have a huge Front Yard

    - PolsPhoto via SB

  17. I love seeing your icy pics, they're so pretty :)
    Thanks for sharing !

  18. I'm from Texas, but in school for Alabama right now. My parents sent me pictures of the crazy snow they got. I was impressed. In 21 years I've never seen it snow so much there!