Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today isn’t over, but I wanted to post anyway. Seems journaling and talking stuff out seem to help just a bit.  I had to lay down and take a nap today, not because I was tired – I am – but because my legs wouldn’t quit running their marathons. I wonder where they think they are going when they get restless…
I am going to write you a letter, or start one, when I finish this. I truly hope that I get the address soon, but I’ll do my best to be patient. It’s very hard, though.
In the meantime, Starr had Shaylynne over last night. She fell asleep early. They got out of the pool a while ago and didn’t have towels. Starr had no intention of using a towel, but Shaylynne wanted one. I kind of got on them for not getting a towel before they went out. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t have been so harsh. I think I’m just still uptight and will be for a while. I almost hope for school to start soon or us to get active. I have a half shoot tomorrow and then I am signing the contract for a full shoot for a wedding in September. Slowly, by word of mouth, my “name” in photography is getting out there. I hope to be able to take some amazing shots of you in your uniform soon. That way I can print them out and have them with me and I can also put them up on my digital photo frame, too.
I’ve made Kool-Aid and tea – of course; you were my first thought when I made the tea. I made a lot, hopefully they will drink it and it won’t ruin.
Anyway, I’m going to head out now. Might come back and revise this post later, just not sure. I have to utilize the facilities and do some other stuff.

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