Weight Loss Journey

I decided a little over a week ago that I'm tired of being obese. I'm of the sound mind and body that I WILL lose this weight. My goal -- at least 100 lbs.
I never thought I would share certain things with people, but I feel that if I share my journey it might inspire others, as well. I've begun food moderation (which I've been doing for quite a while and while I've lost inches, I've not actually lost weight, but I have maintained that weight without gaining.)
So, beginning today I'm posting my weight loss tracks.
Today I took a before pic..I'm not going to post that right now. I'm actually quite embarrased about it, but will post it when I reach my goal as well as the in between photos.
However, I will post things such as: my bmi, my measurements, pants & shirt sizes, etc. I want others to know -- you can do it, too!
So, here we go:
This morning I did a work out -- Insanity -- at my own pace.
45 minutes long
My scale weight - 263 lbs.
My measurements:
Bust: 52"      Chest: 44"     Waist: 52"          Hips: 49"
Thighs: 29"   Calves: 17"     Upper Arms: 16"   Forearm: 11"
My BMI (calculated online and not with a BMI index machine or other means is at 39.5 -- labeling me extremely obese.
I hope you are ready for my journey, because I am!


  1. 6.13.2012 Update
    As of today I've only lost 3 lbs. I am weighing in at 260.2 (this late in the evening - it's 10:15).
    I can't get all the measurements as I'm having to do this by myself today, but will have formal measurements the 1st Sunday in July (that will officially be one month that I've been working out.)
    My bust is down to a 49" and my hips are down to a 47". This is all with clothes!

  2. Update
    I weighed myself just a few minutes ago and I weighed in at 258.8...this is a little more encouraging considering the work I'm doing to bust my butt to get this stuff off. Today and tomorrow I'm changing my routine a bit. Hubby's home and I really want to spend some quality time with him. (He's not home yet, but will be later.) So, I'm going to bust out the treadmill and walk some uphill climb's today and maybe do a Jillian Michaels 30 day shred too! We'll just have to see what the cards play out for me.