My Hubby!

I have to share how awesome my hubby is. 

Last night the God baby stayed. Our GodDaughter - Dakota- is four, and Joseph is two months. It's the second time he's stayed overnight, much to my delight. I love being able to cuddle with him. Is this going to give me my baby fix? Probably not. First the boys, then Dakota and now Joseph. 

Although I am not wishing the boys to grow up and really do want the best for them, including college/military -- whichever they choose, I also can't wait for my grandkids. Can we say spoiled?

Well, let me tell you the reason I am writing this. 

Joseph went to bed with me last night -- slept on his own on Dakota's bed w/ protection all around him so that "if" he rolled or whatever he wouldn't fall. He wasn't but a few feet from my bed. I seriously need to get a playpen for him to sleep in when he's here. Anyway - Dakota, myself and Joseph were all asleep by about elevenish. Papa came in sometime around 2:30ish and I barely moved. Only when I heard him talking softly did I start to wake from my slumber - to find him cuddling with Joseph and talking to him. He was trying to put him back to bed without waking me. Needless to say it didn't work because I had failed to show papa how to mix the kiddo's bottles. He's not on normal formula, so it's a "mix" technique that i have not shared. 

So, I thought that was really sweet.

Does it end there? No! 

Tonight mom & dad show up to pick them up (only took home Joseph and I would have kidnapped him if I could have -- mom can't handle two nights in a row -- yet) -- and Kota comes running out telling me that the baby has woken from his afternoon nap. So, I tell mom -- I'm going to go get him and change him, etc. I walk in, go to the bedroom and  - NO Joseph! UGH! Start walking through the house and see Papa standing  at the sink marinating the pork chops  and barely see a peek of blue under his arm. I walk over, with the camera and see papa holding Joseph!! He was marinating his meat and at the same time holding Joseph and cuddling with him and keeping him quiet.

Such an awesome man. Yes, I complain. Who doesn't? I'm sure he complain's about me, but ya know what -- I love this man with all my heart. What a fantastic specimen God has put on this earth. 


  1. Hubbys are awesome!!! :)
    *trashybetty from swapbot

  2. tamtamlee from swap-bot again.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful guy!!!