Can a chicken be trained?

Good question. I have NO clue, but I will tell you I have one of the funniest chickens. LOL. There is only three of them and they have this one spot (I can't fix it right now, but will later) that they keep getting out of. So, today instead of all three, or two, there's only one loose. I am out there to feed the horses. The kids have already fed everything else except them and the goat. So, I feed the horses, and then go to feed the goat. Now, this chicken is sitting by the feed buckets just waiting. How many chickens would have been IN the bucket getting the feed? Not this one. So, she waits until I pick up the buckets and then proceeds to follow me to the feed shed. Once I get to the feed shed she hops on in and goes to the door leading to her chicken coop.

She turns around -- I swear! -- and looks at me like "Ok, you can open the door now."

So, I am looking at her and telling her to wait a minute. This chicken walks over to me and then back over to the door. 

Trained? No! 
Can they be trained? 
After this, I think so!


  1. Hello I'm one of your swap-bot parners. Oh I just love your chicken story I'm busy making mine hand tame. I guess one do find chickens with an extra brain cell that is just different lol. The ice makes nice pics doesn't it, looks really crispy and must be quite a happening over there. Take care :)

  2. we use to have chickens that would come peck at the screen door to be let into the garage so they could jump in their box to go to sleep for the night. LOVE your chicken story! :)
    leecytx from swap-bot
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